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Wisdom from James

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Go to the One who can heal

Heavenly Wisdom  for Earthly Living

This is not a conference you will forget about. With five sessions packed full of practical, beneficial wisdom, you will finish this conference closer to God and running to serve Him!

Seeking Wisdom

Where do you look for wisdom and how do you find it? Jeremy will walk with you into the classroom and show you how to discover wisdom from above for yourself.

Wisdom in Suffering

Finding wisdom is a full time job in the best of times. How do we seek wisdom when we are in the middle of suffering? James answers this too!

Wisdom Serves

Wisdom is not given to you to make much of you. God gives wisdom to you so you can be His hands and feet in service to those around you. Jeremy unpacks how true justice is hidden in God’s wisdom.

Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy is a former professional soccer player from Downingtown, PA, now enrolled in the graduate program at The Master’s Seminary. He has spoken to the G3 conference in Atlanta and is host of the Hope We Hold podcast along with his wife, Jinger.

Divine Wisdom vs Demonic Wisdom

Divine Wisdom
Demonic Wisdom

From Job to Jesus, James summarizes the Bible’s narrative on wisdom.

What we will discover on our  journey, is that James’ letter could not be a more fitting and helpful concentration of Biblical wisdom.

Beginning in the theological classroom, James quickly pivots onto us, challenging and equipping us to walk by divine wisdom.

Jeremy Vuolo will unpack this wisdom from James in five sessions that you don’t want to miss!

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